Anyone can see a band, but Robin & Jim are entertainers!

We sincerely feel that Robin and Jim are true entertainers, a Lehigh Valley gem! We socialize in and around the Lehigh Valley in addition to other regions of the US as well as where our International travels take us.

Anyone can go out and see a band, but Robin and Jim are rightful entertainers that will work the room or event, know who they are playing to and make it a proper occasion. Not all bands or musical groups can do this, or change gears as needed. On a recent trip to Europe, we were out listening to a musical group at an open-air festival and both of us said Robin and Jim would do so much better at this event to entertain the people and get them involved.

We are so very fortunate to have Robin and Jim a Lehigh Valley musical group treasure for so many years. We enjoy them and try to see them perform every chance we get. Over the last 20+ years, we know Robin and Jim from various events and living in the Lehigh Valley.